NetBenefit has been moved

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Your NetBenefit account has now been moved to

As part of our continuous improvement programme, you are now able to manage your NetBenefit account through our new SPEEDNAMES.UK portal. Your username is the contact e-mail address that was associated with your NetBenefit account. If you are unable to locate this password, simply use the forgotten login page here to retrieve your login details.

Some key facts:

The ownership of your domain names is unaffected.

You retain full access to your services at all times. If you experience any difficulties please do not hesitate to contact the support team. You will be been sent your new login details by email following the migration of your account to

Your current billing process will change. From now on, we can only accept credit card or bank card payment via the website.

If your email address is up to date then you do not need to do anything right now, but when you receive a renewal notice, in order to renew any of your services, you will need to enter your credit or bank card details via the website.

Once you have entered a valid credit/bank card, all of your services will auto-renew prior to the expiry date of your domain(s). If you do not add a credit/bank card to your account before your service expiry date you will be at risk of losing any your services.

We are required to send you renewal reminders for each of the domains under your ownership, we will also send renewal reminders for each additional service regardless of whether you have selected auto renew or not.

You will be sent a series of three renewal reminder emails starting 75 days before your next domain renewal asking you to update or check your card details. Payment will be taken 45 days before expiry unless you follow the instructions on the renewal reminder to let the domain expire.

If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact us on current 0845 600 3128 or email us at