Windows Beginner

Powerful Windows Beginner Hosting

Looking for a hosting package compatible with Windows? Our Windows Beginner hosting package is affordable and packed with plenty of features to help you create an impressive website.

From GBP18.74/year*
Fully compatible with ASP and Microsoft technologies
Effortless integration with Microsoft products
Tremendous operating system and framework
Host several websites under one roof
Suitable for small budgets
No hidden set-up fees


Cost Efficient, Robust and Easy to Use

Great Windows beginner hosting prices from Speednames Great value hosting

Windows hosting from Speednames is easy to set up with Drupal, Joomla and WordPress Easily publish website content

Our platform provides support for all the cutting edge technologies needed to set up an impressive website at an unbeatable price. Install popular content management systems such Drupal, WordPress or Joomla with Windows Beginner to manage your website content.

 Windows hosting from Speednames is compatible with Microsoft-based applications Wide ranging compatibility

You can incorporate pages with ASP and Microsoft Expression when using Windows hosting from Speednames Ideal for interactive, dynamic websites

Windows Beginner hosting provides optimal compatibility with Microsoft-based applications and programming languages including ASP and ASP.NET.

Windows Beginner hosting uses ASP and Microsoft Expression Web to create an interactive, dynamic website. Ideal for incorporating searchable databases into your website.

 At Speednames, data security is important to keep your website safe. Ultimate Security

The multilingual team of experts at can help you get your site up and running. Professional Support

Data security is important to us. That’s why our Speednames data centre is protected 24/7 with highly experienced security guards and CCTV surveillance. Our multilingual team of experts is always on hand to provide expertise in getting you set up and answer any questions you may have.
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You will need a domain name from Speednames to use with your web hosting.
If you don’t already have a domain from Speednames you can buy a new one now, all domains are sold separately.



From GBP18.74/year*


*VAT may be applicable at 20%

 **Our bandwidth is free of charge for all customers unless we believe someone, abusing the system, is impacting the ability for other customer’s websites to function to our high speed standards.  Check the terms and conditions for the fine print.